Shockwave Therapy Training

Certification Level I

This Level I course provides a comprehensive understanding to Radial Shockwave for therapists to start with and Develop skill sets. Our goal is to introduce  therapists to the effectiveness of Shockwave Therapy in your practice by presenting the Anatomical and Physiological effects on the body.

You will be introduced to Active Integrated Radial Pressure Wave Therapy™treatment protocols for Foot, Lower Limb, Knee, Hip, Shoulder, Neck,  Elbow, Hand to get you started.

Suggestions on successful business models to use in your practice including information on Equipment Purchase vs. Lease.

Glimpse into Level II  for those therapists who wish to combine Radial and Pre & Post Operative Therapies. 

We invite you to experience the advantage of Shockwave Therapy, from the accelerated results observed by patients, to a successful business model that many Therapists have already noted.

Instructor: C. Brent Moreau RMT, C.Ped

Continuing Education Credits: 2 1/2 day course

Courses are booked for:  Friday afternoon
Full days Saturday and Sunday

Certificates issued to Participants who attend full days

Massage Assoc approval as below

RMTA - 6 credits Approved   2019 

NHPC - 10 credits Approved 

MTAA - 8 Secondary Approved 2019

MTANS - 3  Approved Secondary Credits

MTWPAM - under review

Prerequisites: Massage Therapists: 2200hr program or Equivalences

Physiotherapists/ Chiropractors: Professional licence or affiliation 

Please note:

We do not sell Shockwave Machine's.

You may purchase Machine prior to course but is not required to take

Certification Level I course.

Cost : CDN $550.00 + GST    
Pre-register CDN $500 + GST ( up to 1 month prior to course date) 

Certification Level II

Level II builds on the Active Integrated Radial Pressure Wave Therapy™ treatment protocols. Expanding concepts of  Injury, Assessment, Treatment Plan initiated in Level I. We review complex enthesiopathies and neuromuscular mechanisms in relation to rehabilitative masso-therapy. Our goal is to develop therapist's confidence in their ability to build treatment plans for optimal patient results.

This course is treatment intensive for the 2 1/2 days  half day Friday and full day Saturday and Sunday.

You will learn to develop treatment protocols for the following:

Sports Injuries 

MVA Injuries ie. Whiplash Enthesiopathies

​​Post-Operative Treatments-Fascial Feedback , Muscle Stim

Geriatrics / Diabetics

Related Syndromes- Restless Leg etc


Participants space is limited.
Instructor: C. Brent Moreau RMT, C.Ped
Continuing Education Credits:  (2 1/2 day course)

Courses are booked for

Friday afternoon

Full days Saturday and Sunday
RMTA -6 Credits Approved 2019

NHPC - 15 Credits 
MTAA - 9 Secondary Approved  2019



Shockwave Therapy Certification Level I 

**Minimum 6 months Shockwave Machine experience in practice 

Cost : CDN   $675 + GST    

(Pre-Register $625 + GST (up to 1 month prior to course date)

2019 Dates

April 26-28th - Strathmore, AB

Location: Days Inn, Strathmore 400 Ranch Market

June 14-16, 2019 Toronto, ON

Location :   TBD

Fall 2019 Dates are being currently determined. 

Certifications -Levels I, II

​2019 Dates

May 2- 4th, 2019  -Strathmore, AB(Thursday-Saturday)
Location: Active Solutions for Heath- Clinic

Sept 6-8, 2019-  Strathmore, AB

Location :TBD