Shockwave Therapy Training

Add Shockwave Therapy to your Practice by adding Active Integrated Radial Pressure Wave Therapy (TM)

We train therapists to achieve optimal patient results within our Shockwave Therapy Training courses.

Innovative Techniques

As therapists we are always looking for answers to assist us in addressing chronic pain issues that are presented to us in rehabilitative practice.

Shockwave Therapy allows us to facilitate real change in our patients lives. In addition we change our professional horizons by extending our careers adding to our Quality of Life.

Shockwave Therapy performed by trained Masso-therapists has amazing results!

The proof is in the patients testimonials...

Hey Lisa and Brent,
It has been a couple months since I have taken your course on SWT and about a month since I received my machine. I am absolutely blown away with the amount of range and flexibility and instantaneous relief my clients have gotten.  I was worried in the beginning with the payments but word of mouth and referrals have blessed me with abundant clients, especially in regard to plantar fasciitis and carpal tunnel, as well as shoulder relief.  I appreciate the knowledge that your courses gave me in some tried and true techniques because there is no regulation and anybody can do it, some people are saying that they went elsewhere and it hurt so bad. I asked them if their therapist went to this course and learned techniques to help with pain levels and tolerance. Almost always a resounding no.  So, thank you again for all that you taught us that weekend.
Jennifer Friars RMT
Red Deer, AB   -2017

Quality of Life Improvement

" Most importantly for me this technology has extended the life of my practice by years, by taking the vast majority of "deep" work off my hands. Its like having a 300 pound strongman/therapist at your side to do all your tough work" MASSAGE THERAPY CANADA. FALL 2012 page 14

Shockwave Therapy Training supports therapists that want to grow in their understanding and application of rehabilitative therapies.

 The Certification Courses provide a  opportunity to learn and apply this modality at different levels, allowing therapists to integrate advances in technology with hands on therapy.

Whether you are a Therapist that wants to facilitate faster, more lasting  results with your patients with chronic issues, or a Therapist who wants to pursue Rehabilitative Therapy.  We can help you get the training for the level you wish to attain.

You can learn to the Level you want to integrate into your practice.

"Moving ahead, changing our paradigm to fit our new knowledge requires courage, flexibility, strength, and foresight. Doing so offers the potential for substantially improving our effectiveness with respect to our patients and opens up huge vistas of opportunity." 

John F. Barnes, P.T. "Myofascial Release-the search for excellence" A Comprehensive Evaluatory and Treatment Approach pg.7 pp3

Chelsea Brown, RMT -Calgary
“Lots of positive feedback regarding the shockwave machine, people are loving it and feeling significantly better. Thanks so
much for bringing on this modality for us massage therapists.
I defiantly noticed my body isn't beaten up like it used to at the end of the day.

Being a therapist, I worry about my longevity in this career but I think with this machine I have a lot more years left to help people now.
“It has made me a better massage therapist with looking at things on a whole new level.”

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